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In-Home Catering

Let us cook that “Special Occasion” meal or party for you in your own kitchen. We can cater anything from an intimate romantic dinner for two to a party for a small group. We will do the planning and shopping, then cook and clean up the kitchen. In some cases, we could help you serve. The price will depend on the event, the menu and the number of people.

Personal Chef Services

The busy family, new homeowner, new parents, the elderly or homebound, special occasions, people with special dietary needs and families on vacation can enjoy our services.

All of our packages include an initial consultation about your likes and dislikes, comprehensive menu planning, shopping for the groceries, cooking the entrees and side dishes, packaging and labeling with heating instructions, and finally clean-up. You come home to a clean kitchen, the aroma of home cooking and a freezer full of tasty and nutritious meals.

We can work with you to develop meal plans that fit your specific needs. The prices depend on the number of meals and servings.

In-Home Cooking Lessons and Demonstrations

We will use your kitchen to teach you, family or friends to cook that special dish or to use a new cooking technique. The price is $130 plus groceries for a 2- hour class. The number of students is limited by the size of your kitchen.

Gift Certificates

These are available for all of our services and will be personalized to the needs of the recipient and the occasion.



“Have Whisk, Will Travel”

Cooking Services

Meet Chef Doc


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